Funnels in Mouseflow allow you to track the conversion rate of specific funnels on your website automatically. You can also watch the specific recordings for Users who drop off at certain stages to better understand and optimize your funnel for higher conversions.

Funnels work by tracking a Users browser navigation through your website from a starting point to a completion point. For example, if you wanted to see the number of website visitors who navigate to your sign-up page and complete the step landing on the sign-up success page.

Creating a Funnel

First, navigate to Funnel in the left Navigation of Mouseflow

Next, click 'Add New Funnel', to create a new Funnel

Then, name your funnel, in this case, we've used: "💰 Sign-Up Conversions".

Now you need to define the steps you want to track in the funnel. A minimum of two steps is required. To define the pages, simply click in the 'Page' field and select the page you want from the drop-down.

Now that we've added the first step, we can move on to the next one. To add another step, simply click the blue + below the first step. Now another step-field will appear, where you can repeat the process.

In this example, we want to set up a funnel that tracks a sign-up flow. A typical example could look like this:

  1. Sign up

  2. Sign up Success

Finally hit the 'Create Funnel'-button:

Note: You can give your page URLs aliases to make them more readable in your reports if your URLs are long and difficult to quickly read.

Mouseflow will look through past recordings and generate the data from previous user data to show immediate results of your funnel since using Mouseflow. Future recordings will also be added to the report.

Lastly, you can click "Watch dropped" in any step to see the specific recordings where a user decided not to complete the funnel and optimize for future conversions.

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