To add a new Form Report to your account, navigate to the Forms section.

Click, "Add New Form"

Select the page your form exists on

After clicking "Add New Form" you'll be brought to the Form wizard. Here, you can name your form.

Next, select the page the form you want to track exists on.

Choose your form

Once you've selected a page, the wizard will automatically load all forms found on that page. Select the form on the page you want to track.

Note: You might see several options on pages where you only have one form. That happens because some elements, like search fields or signup fields, are also technically forms.

Review & customize your form fields

Mouseflow will generate the inputs on the form in the order and naming convention we detect.

You can re-arrange the field order by the grabber on the right-hand side of the field row.

Note: If you see fields named "Name" or "ID" values, this means there is no name specified in the HTML for that form. You can re-name it by clicking into the field and inputting the name you wish.

Lastly, click Create Form.

Mouseflow will generate your form analytics from past recordings and take you to a report of your Form. Future user sessions that interact with the form will also update the analytic data in the report.

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