The Visual Privacy tool allows you to easily find elements on your website that you want to exclude from being recorded. You also have the option of whitelisting input fields.

Mouseflow Privacy Settings in 2 mins:

You can find the Visual Privacy Tool on your website settings page, under the Exclude & Whitelist section.

When you open the Visual Privacy Tool, you will be asked for a URL of the page where you are wanting to use it. Please note that the Visual Privacy Tool can only be launched on pages where you have installed the Mouseflow tracking code.

When the Visual Privacy Tool will appear as a section in the lower part of your browser window on the selected page and you can now use the cursor to select which elements to exclude or whitelist.

Excluded elements will appear with a red box overlayed on top of them.

If you wish to navigate to a different page, you can do so by pressing the "Hide to navigate" button.

When you are done excluding or whitelisting elements, you can save your selection by clicking the Save & Close button. Or if you wish to cancel your selection, you can click the Close Privacy Tool button.

You can also remove individual selections by hovering your cursor over the selection you wish to remove, and clicking.

Things to remember

  • If you add a single element to both Excluded Content and Whitelisted fields, the element will be excluded because the Excluded Content setting takes precedence.

  • The Visual Privacy Tool works by finding the Selector Path of your selected elements - if these Selector Paths change, this will affect exclusion/whitelisting. For example, if your website dynamically generates class names and ids for your HTML, this will have an effect on excluded/whitelisted content.

  • You can edit, add and remove Selector Paths directly from the Website Settings page.

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