Log in to your Mouseflow account and open the websites list

Click the </> icon for the website you are installing to copy the tracking code.

A dialog will appear. Click "copy to clipboard".

Add the tracking code to your source

Find a template that appears on all pages, such as a footer, in your page's HTML source.

Paste the tracking code in this template.

Save and commit the changes to your site.

Confirm that Mouseflow is installed

To confirm whether Mouseflow is installed and working on your website. Visit one of the pages where you have installed the Mouseflow.

Go back to your websites list in Mouseflow and you should see a new "Activate Tracking" button for your new site. This may take a few minutes to appear.

Tip: If you are not seeing the Activate Recording button (or popup), please try to visit your site in your browser's Private or Incognito mode, and do some clicking, scrolling and navigating while you're there. If you are still having trouble, contact us.

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