Warning: Shopify requires an "Advanced" plan or greater to be able to install Mouseflow on the pages where users enter their personal/billing information.

All Shopify users are able to install Mouseflow on their order confirmation pages, so you can track your Shopify conversions in Mouseflow.

To get started, log in to your Shopify admin panel and click Settings in the bottom left. Select Checkout from your settings page.

Finally, under the Order Processing section paste your Mouseflow tracking code to the Additional Scripts. Remember to save your settings.

Additional Setup

Log in to Mouseflow and visit your Website Settings > Advanced Settings and find the Merge URLs section.

Select "Regex" for the Merge URLs field and enter the following regular expression in the Pattern field.


Feel free to assign any Alias you like. This will be the name of the page when used in Funnels and Heatmaps, so choose something like "Thank You Page" to help find it later.

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