Download CSV

When exporting data from the Recordings list, Heatmap list, Funnels, or Forms, first set the filters and date range to capture the set of data you wish to export. Then, click on the "Unsaved Filter" or "All Recordings" dropdown.

Note: If you have saved this set of filters before, the name you saved your filter will be displayed here.

Then, you can export the recording list by clicking the "Download CSV" button from the dropdown menu. You may need to scroll down to see this option.

In the Heatmap list, the CSV is currently limited to 2,000 heatmaps (rows). For Recordings, the limit increases to 10,000 sessions (rows).

Export Feedback responses

If you wish to save the responses to your Feedback campaign, or if you want to use spreadsheet software to further analyze your data, you can export the table of responses by clicking the download button in the top-right of the table of feedback responses. The CSV in that case is currently limited to 10,000 responses (rows).

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