On your heatmap list, you will notice a column marked 'Friction'. This column reveals the average friction score for each page you've recorded.

The average friction score is generated by averaging the values of all the friction events received on that specific page. This can quickly show you the pages where your visitors are struggling the most, thus which pages may need your immediate attention.

Mouseflow will highlight pages based on the friction score with a red or yellow color coding.

Red highlighted friction scores are significantly above the average friction score.

Yellow highlighted friction scores are slightly about the average friction score.

Watch session recordings for pages specifically with above-average friction

Each entry also offers a tooltip with links directly to relevant recordings. By clicking "Click to see recordings", you can see exactly where each visitor struggled to identify areas of improvement on the page

Tip: You can save this filtered view as a custom view to get instant notifications of users struggling on specific pages by clicking the save icon at the top of the recording list and give the filter a name.

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