Safari's ITP will have little to no effect on Mouseflow and our ability to record users. ITP is mainly focused on third party cookies and user fingerprinting - which are two technologies that Mouseflow doesn't use.

The only effects you may see from this are

  • That we might lose some details in our Referrer data. Normally, for visitors who are recorded when coming in through a link from another website, you'd see the full website URL listed as the referrer. Under ITP 2.0, you would only see the referring domain and not the exact page. That should be the only effect ITP has on Mouseflow.

  • ITP 2.1 will set a limit for first-party cookies, so they will expire after 7 days. The only effect this can have on Mouseflow is that reoccurring users will not be possible to identify if the user is using the Safari browser and returns to the site after 7 days. The Mouseflow cookie would have expired on the client-side, which will mean that the user will get a new Mouseflow cookie and therefore be seen as a new user.

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