If you wish to exclude your IP address or a team members' IP address from Mouseflow so those sessions are not recorded, you can do so easily by navigating to your domain project's Settings and opening the Privacy Settings panel:

Exclude your own IP address

If you wish to exclude your own IP address, click the "Add my IP" button. We will automatically add your IP to the exclusion:

Exclude other IP addresses

If you wish to exclude the IP addresses of your teammates, you can manually input their IP addresses into the excluded IP Addresses field. Alternatively, you can use an asterisk (*) to wildcard an IP address range for multiple users:

Note: It will be necessary to have these users clear their browsers' cookies if they have recently visited the website before being excluded.

The Mouseflow cookie will have already been set and may take up to 72 hours to fall off. These users may continue to be recorded during that time and until the updated IP exclusion is set via the Mouseflow cookie.

Exclude a dynamic IP address

If you or your teammates have dynamic IP addresses, it is not possible to exclude yourselves using the process described above. Instead, you can opt-out at: https://mouseflow.com/opt-out

This setting will place a cookie in the user's browser which will prevent them from being tracked by Mouseflow. However, if the user opens a different browser, an incognito mode window, or clears their browser's cookies, this will no longer take effect and will need to be reset.

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