If you only want to collect a sample of your data, you can control the recording rate in a number of ways. In this article, we will describe how to set global recording rates for your domain project.

How to Set a Global Recording Rate

To set a recording rate that will be applied to all pages, navigate to the Settings section of your domain project, and open the Recording Controls expansion panel.

Next, use the slider in the Recording Rate field to select the percentage of users you wish to record.

Note: Recording Rate must be between 0.00001 and 100% and cannot have more than 5 decimals.

In the below example, we've selected 50% of our user base:

Note: Because Mouseflow is unable to determine the traffic you will have in the future, we have to determine at session start for the user if they should be recorded.

To do this, we randomly select a number from 0-100 for the user, if that number is at or below your defined threshold they will be recorded. If they are above that threshold they will be excluded from recordings.

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