Of course! Mouseflow is trusted by over 100,000 customers, ranging from bloggers and owners of small e-commerce shops to large corporations. Our service is also very popular among agencies that use Mouseflow to enhance their clients' websites.

Mouseflow has local offices in the United States and Europe (Denmark and Germany) which allows us to provide regional customer support, as well.


Who’s reading your blog? Do the readers actually read your text, or are they just looking at the pictures? What blog posts get the most attention from your readers? And what posts make the reader interact more? Is it hard for readers to use important functions like commenting and signing up?

Knowing the answer to these questions is paramount if you want to have a successful blog that attracts and retains readers. Mouseflow delivers these answers.

E-commerce Shops

If you run an e-commerce shop, you’ve done everything you can to drive traffic to the shop. But are you sure you’re getting the right conversion rate, or are you losing sales due to non-optimal usability or poor design?

With Mouseflow you can watch your visitors as they browse your shop, all the way from the landing page to checkout. By watching videos of your users you get a unique user-perspective view of your website and you’ll be able to see where the users find it difficult to proceed, where they get confused, and why they leave the website before purchasing.

Client experiences reveal that you can often improve the user experience and the converting rate by making very few changes, such as adding a new “Add to cart” button or re-arranging elements on the critical pages.

Start by creating an account and upgrade it to the Starter plan (only $29/month). This is needed to record users through the whole conversion funnel.


If you’re an agency that builds or optimizes websites for clients, then Mouseflow can be a highly competitive add-on product. You can use Mouseflow to send visual reports to the client such as heatmaps and you can even send videos that underline why a proposed change must be accepted. Using Mouseflow adds value and professionalism to your service.

When using a Growth or larger plan, you can even add read-only access to your clients so they can use the service directly. Start by creating an account, and upgrade afterward.

If you think that Mouseflow and your company would benefit from entering into a partnership, please contact us. We love working closely together with companies that help us resell our services locally or that can help promote our services.

Large Corporations and International Brands

If you’re representing a large corporation and you require special services, we have a wide range of custom enterprise options to choose from. We have many Fortune 500 companies that benefit from our services, so perhaps you should also give it a try.

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