You might find that, when opening a Live Heatmap, it opens your live site but without the heatmap overlay. Here are a few things to check while troubleshooting.

Is Mouseflow installed?

Double-check that you have installed Mouseflow on the page where you are trying to view the live heatmap. You may have installed Mouseflow once and have since removed it, or you may not have Mouseflow running on the page for all visitors.

Is Recording enabled?

In order to view the Live Heatmaps, you must have recording/tracking enabled. You can view the status of your project from the website's list in the application.

You will be able to see the status is "Recording", and the recording button is highlighted in red.

Is Mouseflow is blocked on the page?

You may have blocked Mouseflow from running on the page for yourself using one of the following methods.

  • Privacy mode is enabled in your browser

  • Adblocking extensions are installed

  • Mouseflow does not run on the website for internal users

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