Mouseflow takes security very seriously. We only use the most trusted and secure data centers for our platform. Access is restricted to a few select employees and data from SSL-encrypted pages are only transmitted across encrypted SSL connections.

US/EU Datacenters

Your data is isolated in either our European (Amsterdam) or United States (Virginia) datacenter, based on where you sign up. We never transmit or store data outside of the European Union or the United States, respectively.

Sensitive Data

If you collect sensitive data, you need to (a) exclude keystroke tracking for certain input fields, (b) disable keystroke for all input fields, or (c) exclude/replace content shown in the page source itself.

By default, Mouseflow excludes all password and credit card number fields automatically.

IP Addresses

If your local legislation requires it, you can choose to anonymize the IP addresses of your visitors. Read more about that feature here.

More Information

Read more on our dedicated Security Page.

Mouseflow is also fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. You can read more on our GDPR page or from the CCPA page.

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