You can disable Mouseflow on your browser to prevent yourself from being recorded or provide others with the option to opt-out at:

This setting will place a cookie in the user's browser which will prevent them from being tracked by tools like Mouseflow across multiple websites.

However, if the user opens a different browser, an incognito mode window, or clears their browser's cookies, this will no longer take effect and will need to be reset. Additionally, some browsers (like Safari) have implemented user protection mechanisms that block third-party cookies. This may result in the opposite effect of what the user is looking for, and the opt-out feature may no longer be supported.

Do you have a Mouseflow account?

You can prevent Mouseflow from recording you and your teammates on your website or app where the tracking code is installed by excluding your IP addresses through the Mouseflow website settings. It is possible to exclude the IPs individually or based on an IP address range by following the process outlined here.

Note: This solution is only applicable if the IP addresses you are looking to exclude are static. If you or your teammates have dynamic IP addresses, opting out as described in this article is your only option.

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