Feedback Campaigns are a great way of collecting real user data about their experience on your website. You can trigger the campaign to ask the user for feedback based on a number of conditions. But default, we will display the feedback campaign to all users, for their first visit.

Note: Feedback campaigns require an active recording session for the user for it to fire. If you are out of credits, the feedback campaign will not fire.

To add a new Feedback campaign, navigate to the Feedback section of your domain project, and click "Add New Campaign":

Next, give your campaign a name:

Then, choose how you want to collect feedback from your users or website visitors. You can choose a Multiple Choice question, Free text large or small, as well as collect an NPS score about their experience:

Next, tell your users or website visitors thanks for their input. You can customize the text of the acknowledgment button as well:

Lastly, turn your feedback campaign on and save it by clicking "Create Feedback Campaign"

You can pause the campaign at any time by turning it to Inactive.

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