You can style the appearance and experience for your users of the Feedback campaign to brand to your website.

To change the appearance, navigate to the Feedback campaign section of your domain project and select the campaign you wish to change the look and feel of.

Next, select the Appearance panel:

The Preview panel on the right will show you the style of your Feedback Campaign as it's displayed to your website visitors.


You can select one of our default options, or select a custom color to match the look and feel of your website. You can also enter a custom Hex code:

Screen Location:

Here you can select where on the screen your feedback campaign will appear. You can choose between four options:

  • top right

  • top left

  • bottom right

  • bottom left

When Triggered:

This option allows you to choose whether the campaign will appear minimized or to display the full widget when triggered.

When Discarded:

This option allows you to predetermine whether the campaign will minimize or be hidden completely upon completion.

Hide Branding:

Here you can choose to remove the Powered by Mouseflow branding from the Feedback campaign

Once you've chosen how to style your Feedback campaign, save it.

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