Every feature in Mouseflow combined with the data you’ve collected can be filtered by new vs returning users.

This is a critical indicator for website optimization changes based on audience: increasing conversions, strategically placing buttons, and focusing the user’s attention in the most productive places.

Note: In the below example, we're using the Heatmaps feature. However, these filters can be applied to all features of Mouseflow including Recordings, Funnels, and Feedback Campaigns.

To filter users by visitor type, select the "Add Filters" in the top left:

Then click on "Visitor type", under the Visitor Data heading. You can search the filter option at the top as well.

Next, select your segment. Either First-time Visitor or Returning Visitors:

Once selected, your data will be filtered by the Visitor type allowing you to understand the user experience based on a New visitor or a Returning user.

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