Mouseflow provides an extensive filtering ability for all features - Dashboards, Heatmaps, Recordings, Funnels, Form Analytics, and Feedback Campaigns.

You can filter your audience in each feature by a number of variables. Just click on the "Add filters" button at the top of the page to segment the audience:

As soon as you have applied any filter, you can click on the disk icon to save the filter for future use, share it with other account users or set up notifications.

Types of built-in filters

Below is a full list of Mouseflow's built-in filter options:

Navigation Filters

Entry Page

Filter your data by the first page the user landed on for your website or app.

Page(s) Visited

Filter your data by if a visitor viewed a certain URL.

Exit Page

Filter your data by the last page the user visited before leaving your website or app.

Tags and Variables


Filter your data by tag, either built-in or custom.


Filter your data by variable, either built-in or custom.

Visitor Technology


Filter your data by device types such as Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet.

Operating System

Filter your data by the operating system the user used to view your website or app.


Filter your data by the user's browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Android.

Screen Resolution

Filter your data by the screen resolution of the user.


Friction Score

Filter your data by users who had the average friction score of Happy, Unhappy, or Very Unhappy.

Friction Event

Filter by a specific Friction Event, you can read more about Friction events here.

Recording Data


Filter by the duration of the user's session.

Number of Pageviews

Filter by the number of pageviews the user had during their session.

Visitor Data


Filter Data by the country reported by the Users location.

Traffic Source

You can filter your user sources by Search Engines, Links from websites, no referrer, Social Media, or Emails.

Visitor Type

Filter users by New vs Returning users.

Recordings are


Filter Data by if the recordings have been starred by you or your team members.


Filter Data by if the recordings have been watched by you or your team members.

Missing a filter?

Create custom filters using tags and variables or find out how to use the universal search bar to filter recordings by a user's IP address and other identifiers.

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