You can easily integrate Mouseflow with other tools like Qualaroo.

Use it to

This integration will let you send the link to playback a specific session directly to Qualaroo via their JavaScript API. This allows you to play the user's actual session to see the surrounding context when you're viewing a user's response(s) in Qualaroo.


Qualaroo has a JavaScript API that lets you identify users. The guide below shows you how to add the playback URL as user identification in Qualaroo:

1. Copy the following snippet of code

<script type="text/javascript"> 
var _kiq = _kiq || [];
if (typeof mouseflow == "object") {
_kiq.push(['identify', '' +
mouseflow.websiteId + '/recordings/' + mouseflow.getSessionId()
+ '/play']);

2. Go to your own website and find the place where your current Qualaroo code is installed and paste the code snippet from step 1 below it.

3. You will start seeing the Mouseflow Playback link appear in customer answers in your Qualaroo account.

Note: For further information on setting up the Qualaroo Identity API call please find Qualaroo's own setup guide here:

How it works

What happens in the code is the following:

A. We make sure the _kiq variable is available. This is the variable that is used to communicate with the Qualaroo object.

B. We call (typeof mouseflow == "object") to check that Mouseflow is available.

C. We call _kiq.push( ... ) to add the data into Qualaroo.

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