Through the Privacy Settings on Mouseflow, you have the option to anonymize the IP addresses of your recorded visitors.

With this setting enabled, the last tuple of the detected IP address of each visitor will be removed from the recording. As a result, an IP address might, for example, look like 12.345.678.### inside Mouseflow instead of 12.345.678.910.

How to anonymize IP addresses

  1. Navigate to the Settings for your domain project

  2. Open the Privacy Settings panel

  3. Toggle 'Anonymize User IPs' to 'Yes'

  4. Don't forget to save your changes


Why am I unable to interact with the toggle?

That is because this setting is enabled by default (i.e. user IPs are anonymized) and cannot be disabled for all:

  • EU-based (EEA & UK) accounts (due to GDPR)

  • EU-based (EEA & UK) visitors to any website (due to GDPR)

  • California-based US visitors to any website (due to CCPA)

  • Brazil-based visitors to any website (due to LGDP)

  • South Africa-based visitors to any website (due to POPIA)

As of November 2022, this setting is also enabled for all newly created Mouseflow accounts and all their visitors, and cannot be disabled.

Does this setting apply retrospectively?

Nope! Mouseflow will only be able to prevent the recording of full IP addresses from your website or app after the 'Anonymize User IPs' setting has been enabled. Recordings that had the visitor's full IP recorded (unmasked) prior to this change will still contain such data and will not be changed retrospectively.


You can read more about our Privacy Settings here or excluding IP addresses here.

To learn how to search for Recordings by a user's IP address, see this article.

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