Mouseflow gives you complete control over what visitors get recorded. For example, you can exclude visitors coming from specific countries from being recorded.

You can also filter traffic to only record visitors from specific countries in a similar way.


To exclude visitors from a specific country from being recorded by Mouseflow, we can check the visitor's browser language before starting the recording. The easiest way to do this is by using the built-in Mouseflow extension. You can enable the extension by:

1. Log in to your Mouseflow account and go to Apps & Integrations

You can find Apps & Integrations here:

2. Choose the Extension named 'Exclude Traffic By Country'

The extension looks like this:

3. Choose the countries you want to exclude from the list

Once you've opened the extension you can choose the country or countries you want to exclude from the list:

Once you've chosen the countries you want to exclude, click ok, and the extension will begin to take effect.

Note: Due to browser caching changes to the Tracking Code and Recording Script may take up to 48 hours to take full effect.

An alternative solution to the extension is to implement the exclusion manually using code. To do so, please see our guide on Manually Excluding Countries From Being Recorded.

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