With Mouseflow, you can associate additional information with a session by using custom variables or tags.

A tag allows you to push a single string into Mouseflow - one piece of information like popup_fired or order_placed. In addition, there are some tags that are already set up for you.

A custom variable allows you to push a key/value pair into Mouseflow - two pieces of information like cart_value = "large" or saw_popup = "true".


Tags and Variables allow you to sort/filter various tools in Mouseflow based on your own data to isolate a broad segment of visitors.

Use cases

Here is a list of some of items you might want to track:

  • Order Amount/Value

  • Campaign ID

  • Error Codes

  • Search Terms

  • Events (e.g. Modal Clicked, Abandoned Cart, Up-sell/Cross-sell)

Note: You cannot use this feature to store personal data or to link a session/recording with an individual user/other personal data.

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