This app allows you to track users by their Omniture Campaign ID in Mouseflow. This integration makes use of our Custom Variables feature.


This app allows you to integrate with Omniture. It works by sending the "cid" (Omniture Campaign ID) URL parameter to Mouseflow, using our Custom Variable-feature.

With the app active, you'll be able to filter your Mouseflow data by the omniture_cid variable. The variable will be visible on the recording list and available throughout the Mouseflow App as an option in the Filter Drawer.


1. Log in to your Mouseflow account and go to the Integrations section.

2. Navigate to the Adobe Omniture Integration in the list.

3. Toggle the radio button to enable the integration.

4. Once this code is finalized, allow it to track some fresh sessions and you should now be able to filter the recording list by the omniture_cid variable. Under Recordings, click the filter (funnel) icon in the blue bar, and then under "Tags / Variables", click the dropdown to find the omniture_cid key. If it's not there, either you haven't tracked any visitors which have an Omniture CID parameter, or the modified code isn't installed/firing. Once you select the omniture_cid, enter a value for the ID you want to search for, accordingly.

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