Notice something in Google Analytics that you want to investigate further? This integration adds the Mouseflow SessionID to sessions in Google Analytics so that you can lookup and watch the corresponding recordings in Mouseflow.

Here's how to integrate:

  1. Create a custom dimension in Google Analytics.

    1. Log in to Google Analytics.

    2. Create a custom dimension (more info).

      1. Name: "MFSID"

      2. Scope: "User"

      3. Active: TRUE (check the box)

      4. On the right of the page (in the "Example" section), there will be code that looks like ga('set', 'dimensionX', dimensionValue). Take note of the dimension name that is listed (dimensionX in this example) for the next step.

  2. Set up the integration in Mouseflow.

    1. Go to Integrations.

    2. Under the Analytics section, click Google Analytics.

    3. Enter the dimension name from the previous step in the corresponding box.

    4. Enter your Universal Analytics Property ID in the corresponding box.

    5. Click the toggle to Enable the integration.

    6. Click Ok.

  3. Wait ~24 hours.

  4. Access the Custom Dimension in Google Analytics.

    1. Log in to Universal Analytics.

    2. Navigate to Behavior > Events > Pages, click Secondary Dimension (dropdown) > Custom Dimensions.

    3. Pick the custom dimension you just set up.

    4. This will display a custom report which shows a list of visitor data, including the Mouseflow Session ID tied to their activity.

  5. Copy or export the resulting SessionID or list of session IDs.

  6. Find the corresponding recordings in Mouseflow.

    1. Log in to Mouseflow.

    2. Click "Recordings".

    3. Click "Add filters".

    4. Under "Filters", select "Session IDs".

    5. Paste the SessionID or list of session IDs you just copied/exported (one per line).

    6. Finally, click "Search" to see the filtered list of recordings.

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