You've created a Sales Funnel here [Update link: PS-515]. Let's talk about analyzing that Funnel to gain insight into why some visitors may leave their cart before completing their purchase.

Choose the Funnel

Navigate to the Funnel overview here. Then choose the Sales Funnel, like so:

Initial Overview

If you notice in our example below, 90 users reached the Payment Page but only a subset of those 90 users, actually completed their purchase. 61.1% of users who reached the payment page dropped off -- that’s way too high! That’s lost leads, that’s lost sales, and that’s lost revenue.

Watch Dropped

At each step in the Funnel, you can select the “Watch Dropped” button to pull up a list of the visitor sessions who left the site at that specific point in the Funnel, for example, the Payment Page. Make sure to watch some sessions to ensure no major issues or bugs are being experienced by users.

Utilize Filter's

You can also Filter your Funnel to quickly evaluate conversion rates on different devices, browser types, screen resolutions, etc. You can also mix multiple Filters together to customize which sessions ought to be included in the Funnel Report.

You can read more about Filter's here.

Filter by Browser & Click Error

One use case could be to investigate a correlation between a specific browser and the occurrence of Click Errors. If there's a correlation between the occurrence of a Click Error and a specific browser type, the likelihood is that the browser in question does not support some of the JavaScript in your site. This could in turn lead to a bad experience for the user and explain why they did not complete the Sales Funnel.

In the above example, we filter for all sessions using the Chrome browser and those who also experienced a Click Error. Now we can see how many users dropped at each step and indeed watch their recording playback to see the exact error that occurred. This in turn allows us to find an underlying cause and fix it.

You can read more about Click Error's here.

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