About the API

Our API is REST-based with JSON input and output. Mouseflow was built API-first to make sure that any data and action available in the web UI is also available through the API.

The Mouseflow API lets you extract recording data, page analysis data, and statistics from your Mouseflow account. You can integrate Mouseflow data in your existing products, create services that analyze or monitor your recording data, or create widgets/apps that use information from your Mouseflow account.

If you sell Mouseflow services to a client base as a part of your service toolbox, you can use the API to let your clients access Mouseflow data directly without giving access to other websites or your account information. You can even integrate the Mouseflow data into your existing software or mobile apps and thereby giving your clients a unique user experience.

The feature is enabled for Growth or larger subscriptions and can be found under the account menu.


You can view the full API documentation as well as examples (in various programming languages) in our API documentation.

Important: In order to use the API you’ll need an API token that can be found under the API page on your Mouseflow account (click your email in the upper right to see the menu). Click the API menu to get the token and read more.

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