Are you having issues with Mouseflow seemingly slowing down your site?

Live Page Speed

As we write in our Article 'Does Mouseflow affect the Browser Experience':

"Mouseflow does not affect a user's browsing experience. Generally, the Mouseflow JavaScript file is loaded deferred from our CDN (look for The JavaScript file is loaded without blocking the browser thread and doesn't count towards your total page load time."

Page Speed Tests

We do however, from time to time, see an error where certain page speed test tools mis-categorize the data packages we send back to our servers during recordings. This happens sometimes with specific traffic analysis tools and we suspect that the cause of this is that these files are called '.gif'. We use three such files, inventively named the a.gif, the b.gif and the c.gif.

To test if this is indeed the issue we recommend that you try running some additional tests using one of the following recognized tools:

  1. Chrome Developer Tools: You can test the page speed yourself by loading your page with the Chrome developer console open (see the Network tab) and viewing the Network waterfall.

  2. Pingdom:

  3. Google Pagespeed Analysis:

You can run all the referenced tests yourself by following the links above or by opening up the developer console in the Chrome browser and navigating to your home page.

If you are seeing this issue pop up in a tool you are you are very welcome to reach out us at so we can investigate the issue further. If you reach out please let us know what tool you are using for the analysis - this will be a great help in our further investigation.

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