If there are elements on the page that don't appear in playback or on the heatmaps, there are several solutions you can try.

Is the content missing from the start?

If the content is never displayed in the recording there may be several explanations:

1. Do you have a Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) or Content Security Policy (CSP)

Please see our guides to how:

A. Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) policies may block sharing and keep images and fonts from being shown in Mouseflow Recordings - and what to do about it.

B. Content Security Policies (CSP) policies may block Mouseflow from retrieving elements and displaying them Recordings - and what to do about it.

On your live site - Is the content loading after the initial page has loaded?

If the elements in question are loaded onto your page after the initial page has loaded, we might not pick it up automatically. This can be solved by setting a delay in your tracking code to configure when Mouseflow takes its snapshot of the page.

Do you have dynamic elements/events on your page?

If content is dynamically loaded onto your pages through a Single Page Application or AJAX (instead of traditional page navigation), you sometimes need to take an extra step in order for Mouseflow to function properly in playback. Basically, you need to call a JavaScript function when a new "page" has rendered. See our Single Page Websites article for more details.

Do you have Lazy Loading on your site

Lazy Loading is a popular way to make your site load faster by keeping heavy content such as pictures from loading until the customer scrolls down to them. If you have elements that are lazy loaded on your live site these elements may not be displayed in Mouseflow heatmaps. If this happens please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team at support@mouseflow.com and they will look into the possibility of creating a customization that will allow us to display the missing elements in your heatmaps.

Does it look like the styling (CSS) is missing in the recording?

If this is the case please contact our friendly support team at support@mouseflow.com.

Does the content disappear?

If this is the case, the issue is probably what we call 'double scripting'. A script from your website is being run in our playback window, overwriting the HTML that was originally recorded. Please open a ticket with the relevant details (link to affected recording, description of the content missing) and we can resolve this for you.

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