You can create a Saved View with your pre-defined filters and subscribe to either hourly, daily, or weekly notifications for new results.

You can setup a webhook endpoint to consume and handle these notifications automatically.

How to set it up

  1. Create a public endpoint (on your server) to handle inbound requests.
    Here's an example payload:
    Method: POST
    Body: { "viewId": "mRv1syYlwE7F4K3LpQ21N5", "viewName": "Test", "websiteName": "", "total": "69", "viewLink": "" }

  2. In Mouseflow, build a Saved View (by applying filters and clicking the disk icon in the blue bar), click to enable notifications, set the frequency (at your option), and enter the HTTPS URL to your endpoint.

  3. After waiting for results, confirm that an initial request is sent. You can process the payload any way you like (e.g. fetch the underlying recording/session data via REST API, send notifications according to a schedule, or etc.).

For testing, it's recommend to create a Saved View for any filter combination that frequently yields results (e.g. desktop users) and then the "hourly" frequency to get results quickly.

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