One of Mouseflow’s best-kept secrets is using the Geo Heatmap to recapture lost leads, sales, signups, and conversions. This function is particularly useful for e-commerce sites looking to recapture lost customers and revenue. And… there’s a good chance your competitor is already doing this.

From the main dashboard, select the “Geo” heatmap on the left side of your screen.

Use the filter drop-down menu and select an unwanted exit page. This could be a checkout page, a cart page, a signup form, or something similar. It’s absolutely vital that users aren’t dropping out at these pages -- so let’s find out where these visitors are originating from and recover their interest.

Click “OK” to apply the filter.

With the selected filters applied, you’ll be able to zoom in and identify the precise locations of your most highly qualified customers/visitors.

Use this location data to launch highly targeted marketing campaigns (via Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to recapture those highly interested visitors. With this information, you can stop wasting big marketing budgets on general outreach and start highly targeting the people who are most interested in you.

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