Effective September 9th, 2020 Mouseflow has introduced a number of plan improvements.

Some of the main highlights

  • Introduction of unlimited users for all standard plans.
  • Standard plans now include more recording credits, websites, and storage.
  • Pricing on STARTER, GROWTH, and PRO plan will continue unchanged.
  • Introduction of a new BUSINESS plan in-between the GROWTH and PRO plan.

You can find the details on the updated plans from here:

Questions and Answers

Q: Have any prices been changed?

A: All prices remain unchanged. We have only introduced a new plan (BUSINESS) with its own pricing.

Q: Will my account be moved to another plan?

A: No your account will not be moved. You will stay at your current plan. However, you are able to upgrade to a new plan at any time.

Q: I am on the Starter plan and am used to getting 2,500 recordings a month, what will happen now?

A: On your next refill you will get 5,000 recordings refilled as everyone else on a Starter plan.

Q: What is a session (Recording)?

A: All Mouseflow Plans include unlimited page views. Our plans are determined by a number of monthly sessions (full session recordings, and not sampled). You can learn more from here.

Q: When will I get access to the Multiple-users?

A: All new benefits have been implemented on all plans. (except recordings which will come on your next refill date).

Q: When will the new plans be effective?

A: Mouseflow is rolling out the new plans on September 9th, 2020.

Q: My plan was just refilled prior to this update, will I have access to the new features already?

A: All new features like Multiple-Users and additional websites will be available immediately. The additional credits will have an effect from the next refill date and forward. The extended storage duration under the PRO plan will be fully implemented during the next 12 months since the storage duration is set at the recording time. In 12 months' time, all PRO plan accounts will be able to access the full 12 months of data storage.

Q: Will pricing for Enterprise plans change?

A: No - the Enterprise pricing and content will remain unchanged.

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