From the Mouseflow dashboard, you can click the Add New Report button to get started with adding a new report to your dashboard.

A dialog will appear with different types of reports you can create. Choose any option under Overviews, Segments, or Reports to continue.

Adding multiple reports

You can repeat the process above to add multiple reports to the dashboard. You will notice that the reports you have already added will be greyed out as you continue.

Additionally, dashboard reports can be rearranged by clicking the 're-order' icon with the four arrows and dragging the report to the place you would like it to be.

Edit, share, or delete a dashboard

You can change the name of your dashboard, share it with other users of the account, or delete it by clicking on the pencil icon next to its name:

Once you do so, a pop-up will appear with all the options described above:


To learn more about the different reports available and customizing your dashboard, click here.

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