The dashboard allows you to add six different kinds of reports. In this article, we will go over the details of the "Overviews" section of these reports.

Overviews offer four main different report tiles.

Traffic Overview

The traffic overview offers general statistics about your website including




The total number of recordings for the website is in the selected date range.


The number of individual users that have been recorded.


The total number of pageviews for recordings in the selected date range.

Pages per recording

The average number of pageviews for the recordings.

Avg. Recording Duration

The average duration of the recordings within the selected date range.

Avg. Friction Score

The average friction score for the recordings.

Recording List

The recording list is a preview of the most recent recordings for your website.

Heatmap List

The heatmap list contains heatmaps for the most viewed pages on your website.

Geo Heatmap

The Geo heatmap dashboard report offers access to our Geo heatmap straight from the dashboard. With this heatmap, you can view where your visitors are coming from on a world map.

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