Mouseflow's new customizable Dashboard lets you decide what you see when you log in to Mouseflow. New visualizations, charts, and reports can now be added and arranged on the dashboard. You control the data that's displayed front and center to you and your team.

Create a new dashboard

You can have more than one dashboard which will allow you to split your different reports into categories. That means that you can have a Marketing Dashboard, a UX Dashboard, and a Digital Analytics Dashboard if you like. Dashboards can also be shared with your whole team so that everyone is on the same page.

To learn more about how to create and share dashboards, add reports, and edit or delete them, you may take a look at this article.

Adding reports

In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the different dashboard reports available that can help you gain a quick overview of your data.


The traffic overview report offers general statistics about your website as well as useful comparisons to other users in your industry.

The Recordings list report gives you easy access to your 10 most recent recordings.

The Heatmap list report showcases the heatmaps of your 10 most visited pages.

The Geo heatmap report lets you see where visitors are located on a world map.

The Website controls allow you to stop or resume the recording.


Segments allow you to add charts that provide a breakdown of your visitors, sessions, pageviews, etc. based on a number of metrics. In this article, you can go over the details of the Segments section of these reports.


Page reports show you a number of metrics associated with a specific page on your website.

Shows the performance metrics and conversion rates of the key funnels on your site.

Shows the performance metrics and conversion rates of the key forms on your site.

Bring a preview of your feedback campaign data to your dashboard with a shortcut to the full report.


You can learn more about how to create new dashboards here or add reports here.

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