Install the Mouseflow tracking code on your Joomla site. This will get you started gathering insights and optimizing your conversion rate in no time.


This guide will walk you through the 4 short steps involved in enabling tracking for your Joomla site.

1. Log in to Mouseflow

Begin by logging into Mouseflow and clicking the ⚙ Settings symbol. From the Settings page copy the Website ID to your clipboard.

You will need this Website ID in step 3.

2. Download the Joomla Mouseflow Plug-in has developed a free Mouseflow for Joomla Plug-in from here:

Download the plug-in.

3. Log in to your Joomla site and install the plug-in

Once you have logged into Joomla, select Install Extensions from the left menu.

Drag and drop the downloaded plug-in to install.

Click on the configure button:

Click the "System - mouseflow Plugin" link.

4. Enter the Mouseflow Website ID

Enter your Mouseflow Website ID from step 1, then select [Enabled] under Status. Save and you have completed the Mouseflow installation for your Joomla website.

5. Test Installation and Activate Tracking

Once you have completed adding the Mouseflow Tracking Code to your site you should refresh one of the pages that the code is on, this will let Mouseflow know that the installation has been made.

To begin recording traffic on your site, you need to activate tracking by clicking the Activate Tracking button from the

Manage My Sites page.
You confirm that you will abide by Mouseflow terms and not collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) by signing your name and clicking the button.

Tip: If you are not seeing the Activate Recording button (or popup) at this point, please try to visit your site in your browser's Private or Incognito mode, and do some clicking, scrolling and navigating while you're there.

Congratulations! You Made it!

Now go celebrate with your team while the insights pour in.

Once you have activated tracking, Mouseflow will automatically begin recording your visitors. You can check the Recording Status from the Manage My Sites page or you can click the play button to go to your Dashboard.

What's Next?

Once you're done celebrating here are a few next steps to consider.

This Joomla plug-in for Mouseflow has been developed by Jeremy Magne from Daycounts. Thanks to Jeremy for making this plug-in available for Mouseflow users.

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