Mouseflow tracks clicks on all the elements of your page, and you can use Tracked Fields to report on this data in retrospect. In other words, there is no need to set a goal beforehand.

There's more than one way to set up Tracked Fields, but in this article we are going to use the Visual Privacy Tool as it is the simplest and easiest method.

To get started, go to your website settings and scroll down to the "Exclude and Whitelist" section. Click to expand the section.

Next, click "Open Visual Privacy Tool"

Type in the URL for the page where you're looking to track additional click data. Click "Go" and you will be sent to your live site. If Mouseflow is installed, the Visual Privacy Tool will open on the page and you should see elements being outlined as you hover over them.

In the Visual Privacy Tool menu covering the bottom section of the page, select "Tracked elements" from the list on the left-hand side.

Now, when you click on an element on the page, the element will be added to the "Tracked elements".

Click "Save and close" on the right side of the tool when you're done selecting elements.

Congratulations! Now, when you view the heatmap for that page, you will see the click data for those elements.

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