You can send Mouseflow data to your Amplitude workspace by using Amplitude's SDK Libraries.


Directly send Mouseflow data from your project to your Amplitude workspace.


First, start by creating your Amplitude workspace so you can instrument Mouseflow data using Amplitude SDKs. Once the workspace has been set up you can decide what custom events you want to send to your workspace in order to leverage both tools.

1. Define the data you want to send to your Amplitude Workspace.

In your project, you will want to first decide what data you want to send to Amplitude.

For example, if you want to send the Mouseflow session IDs from your recordings to your Amplitude workspace you can use the code provided below.

mouseflow.getSessionId() //provides the session ID for the recording

To push this to your workspace you can use the following code:

amplitude.getInstance().logEvent(mouseflow.getSessionId()); //pushes the session ID to Amplitude

2. Locating Mouseflow data in Amplitude.

Once you have modified your website to push the event you want to track, you can locate this information inside of Amplitude by visiting your workspace.

Once logged in you can select from the list of events by selecting "Select event".

Then under "Uncategorized", you can search for the session ID used in this example.

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