If you are using BigCommerce for your e-commerce platform, you can install Mouseflow to start gaining better insights.


  1. Log into the dashboard for your store and on the left-hand menu select the tab titled "Storefront".

  2. In the new sub-menu, choose the option titled "Script Manager".

  3. Once the Script Manager has loaded, click on the blue button located on the right titled "Create a Script".

  4. Here is where you will enter information to create the Mouseflow <script>. First, under "Name of script" enter in the title "Mouseflow". In the second section titled "Location on page", you can choose to incorporate the Mouseflow tag either on the <footer> or <head> element.

  5. In the next section, choose from the available options to decide what pages you want the Mouseflow script to run on.

  6. Under "Script Category", you can pick the option titled "Analytics".

  7. Lastly, under "Script Type", choose the option titled "Script". Here is where you will paste in the tracking code for your project which can be found in your website settings.

    Remember to save your changes!

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