Search using the search bar

With Mouseflow, you can search for specific visitors and recorded sessions using the universal search option.

To open up the search bar, click on the lens icon on top of your Recordings:

For example, you can search for sessions from specific referrers such as Facebook. You can simply type Facebook in the search bar and hit enter, and you will be redirected to the matching list of recording sessions for all the users that were referred to your site from Facebook:

Another option would be to search for a specific location such as a city, country, US state, or province. For example, Brighton, MA would automatically return all recorded sessions of visitors from the same area:

Search for a visitor's IP address

It is also possible to search for users by their IP address. For example, this could be helpful if you see that a particular order or visitor has received an error on your site that was logged by your server or an external error-tracking tool, or if you would just like to review all of the recorded visits of a particular user.

You can copy the full IP address of the visitor (either in IPv4 or IPv6 format) and search for it in the search bar on top of your Recordings page. The results will return all recorded visits of the same user (if any) during your selected date range:

Please note that IP addresses are automatically anonymized on all EU/EAA accounts (due to GDPR regulations) as well as all visits from the State of California in the US (due to CCPA regulations), and other regions worldwide. As a result, an IP address might, for example, look like 12.345.678.### inside Mouseflow and need to be searched for by replacing the last tuple with hashes:

Search for visits to a certain page

It is possible to find users who have visited a specific URL on your site by searching for the page path using the universal search option. However, the results may match any of the words that you type in the search bar on an either/or basis as well as some other hidden properties in recording playback.

For more accurate results, Mouseflow provides an extensive filtering ability that is available for all features under Navigation filters > Page(s) visited:

You can learn more about how to filter your audience with Mouseflow in this article.

Search using the flag icon

If you hover your mouse over the flag displayed on the left side of any recording under the Recordings list and wait for a few seconds, the user's IP address, location, language, and other identifiers will pop up.

When you click on any of the links included in the pop-up, your recordings will be searched in the same way as when using the universal search option.

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