With Mouseflow, you can easily specify which content should and should not be recorded on your web pages.

To do so, you can add elements to the Excluded, Whitelisted & Tracked Fields list for your website or app - either by using our Visual Privacy Tool or via the Settings.

Excluded Content

This setting allows you to select elements on your web pages that should not be recorded by Mouseflow.

The exclusion of content happens locally before any data is sent to Mouseflow. Excluded content will be entirely hidden from Mouseflow and cannot be retrieved upon request at any point.

Excluding content will only work for new data, made after you've saved your changes. You cannot remove content from existing Recordings and Heatmaps.

Excluded elements will appear with a red box overlayed on top of them when using the Visual Privacy tool as well as in Recordings and Heatmaps:

The values of excluded keystrokes such as input fields that contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will be replaced by asterisks in Recordings and Heatmaps.

Note: To comply with GDPR, all EU-based Mouseflow accounts will automatically have keystrokes excluded. In that case, there is no need to exclude such input fields again manually and it is not possible to revert that exclusion in your settings.

Whitelisted Fields

When viewing a Recording or Heatmap, some input fields might appear blank or with their values replaced by asterisks. For example, this might happen for EU-based Mouseflow accounts when a text area resembles a keystroke format, even if the field has not been excluded by you manually and does not contain any personal data.

You can whitelist any such input fields or text areas - if you are certain they don't contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII) - and this will let Mouseflow know that these elements should be recorded.

Whitelisting content will only work for new data, made after you've saved your changes. You cannot whitelist content on existing Recordings and Heatmaps.

Tracked Fields

When viewing a Click or Live Heatmap, most of your links, buttons and interactive elements will include a box that shows the number of clicks on the element as well as additional metrics (clicks, hovers, friction events, etc.):

In some cases, these boxes may not appear automatically on your Heatmap.

In other cases, you may notice that visitors often click on something that isn't a clickable element, such as a background or an image. The visitors may have a number of reasons to click there. For example, if they think there's a link behind or to select the browser window, highlight text, and for any other reason.

If you have found such elements that you would like to examine the click data for, you can simply add them to your Tracked Fields list. That will ensure the box with the number of clicks and additional metrics is shown in your Heatmaps.

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