You can apply different filters to the data in the recording list, the heatmap page lists, and the funnels. These filters allow you to fetch information for a segmented group of individuals. By appending query strings to the request, you can exclude, include or create a combination, similar to the functionality in the application. All filter properties must be added as query string parameters to the API calls.

Combining Filters

Grouping Multiple Tags and Variables - Operator (AND) &

This functionality can be added by separating the tags or variables with commas.

Example Request:{website-id}/pagelist/urls&tags=TagNameOne,TagNameTwo

Grouping and Excluding - Operator (OR) ||

In this example, perhaps you want to apply a tag, and filter out another tag in your request. In the request above we grouped by adding commas. In this case, we will add an exclamation point for the tag we do not want in our request.

Example Request:{website-id}/pagelist/urls&tags=TagWanted,!TagIgnored

Excluding - Operator (NOT) !

To exclude tags or variables from your results, you can add an exclamation point to the request.

Example Request:{website-id}/pagelist/urls&tags=!TagIgnored

This will allow you to apply the filters that are available in the application. Just keep in mind some filters are applicable to both session-based and page view-based queries, whereas some are only applicable to one type.

Session-based searches are the recording list and funnels.
Pageview-based searches are the heatmap page lists.


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