If you are using GTM and do not have access to the source code for your domain, you can apply CSS declarations to the Mouseflow Feedback Campaign inside of your Tag Manager account.

Step 1. Go to Google Tag Manager and add a new tag.

Here, select Custom HTML tag.

Step 2. Input your CSS. You will want to apply this between opening and closing <style> tags.

#mouseflow .mf-feedback .mf-step {
top: calc(50vh - 150px) !important;
left: calc(50vw - 150px) !important;
bottom: auto !important;
right: auto !important;

For more information on Advanced Customization of the Feedback Campaign's Appearance, please refer here.

Step 3. For the trigger, you can select All Pages, or target the page that you will use to fire the Feedback Campaign.

Step 4. Save your Tag and publish your Workspace changes.

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